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Viggo At The Goyas - Part 2

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The first thing you hear on this clip are some ladies shouting "despeinate" (let your hair loose).

Viggo's words start with:

VM: San Lorenzo... de Almagro.

R: How are you? How do you feel?

VM: A bit nervous with so many people, but good, good. I was happier when I was surrounded by the other members of the cast, but we will get together inside again. And how are you?

R: Me?

VM: You are used to this...(referring to the crowd and noise)

R: I am used to this...

VM: And what do you think?

R: We hope that you win...

VM: Is it always so crowded?

R: There is always so much expectation... And we were all waiting for you...

VM: And are we going to win Best Picture?

R: I think so.

VM: You think so? And what do you tell the other candidates? The same thing?

R: The same thing...(laughing)


R: Thank you, Viggo.

VM: Have a good night.
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