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"Caiga Quien Caiga" - Rome Interview

Source: "Caiga Quien Caiga" TV show, Telecinco

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Translators note: there is a lot of irony in Viggo's answers, such as trying to be serious, or indicating that he doesn't feel comfortable with the type of interview when in fact he is teasing the reporter. Irony is a very common element in Spanish humour, and sometimes it can be misunderstood by some English speakers.

Caiga Quien Caiga Interview 10.16.06
Caiga Quien Caiga Interview 10.16.06
Image Caiga Quien Caiga 10.20.06.
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CQC: And now the protagonist, Viggo Mortensen. Hi, Viggo. How are you?

VM: Hi, I'm fine

CQC: Can we get in the car with you?

VM: Sure, of course. There's room for all of us.

CQC: Yes?...(to the cameraman) Hey, come on, give me a camera, give me... Not the cell phone!!. Something more expensive. It's Viggo Mortensen! (ouch).

VM: What...Are you going to be fighting here all day?

CQC: Now we are getting in the car with Viggo Mortensen. From now on we'll film with this camera (black and white starts). Well, Viggo. How are you?

VM: Well, and you?

CQC: A "Spanishness test" to Viggo Mortensen : How long are your 'siestas' (nap after lunch)?

VM: About 15 to 20 minutes, I don't know.

CQC: In one word... referee? (indistinguishable word about soccer)

VM: (looking at the camera) Fuck off.

VM: I didn't expect such a serious interview... Didn't you use to be much funnier?

CQC: No...I don't know what are you thinking [about us] (kidding and laughing)

VM: (laughs)

CQC: I understand you are going there early to sign autographs...

VM: Well, it's better to do that because there are a lot of Lord of the Rings freaks around here (he says it as if referring to the reporter).

CQC: Oh, come on man...I'm sitting next to Aragorn! ... three years ago I was amazed in the movie theatre watching you.

VM: And now you are not? (laughs) I'm sorry, but I'm going to be there serving those who have to pay to get into the movie theatre (with irony).

CQC: Hey, I have to pay.

VM: I don't think so.

CQC: I had to pay to see Alatriste.

VM: Did you?

CQC: Yeah!

VM: OK. Do you want me to give you the money back? (laughs)
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