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Mortensen Finds It Hard to Say Goodbye to Rings Character

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Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen is finding it difficult to say goodbye to his character Aragorn as the acclaimed trilogy draws to an end.

The hunky actor is currently on the promotional trail for final installment The Return of the King and, while he has ruled out spending anymore time in Aragorn's costume, Viggo is hoping to take something away with him from the experience.

He says, "Some people say, 'Oh, I didn't have any problem shedding this character,' as if it were the thing to do - to get rid of it: Life is short and we're all going to end up senile.

"Why make an effort to forget something that has been important in your life? Yes, I won't be dressing up as Aragorn and running into battle any more but, in my mind, I will keep going into battle about the things I've learned.

"The story itself reminds you that it's important to examine yourself, that it's healthy to have a little bit of doubt, to know that what you do and what you say has an effect on others. That group ethos will stay with me."
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