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Rings star urges better access to Kiwi art

Source: New Zealand Herald

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Viggo Mortensen yesterday wrote a letter to the Herald urging people to demand more access to some of this country's treasured artworks.

Addressing it "To the people of New Zealand", he said he risked "sticking my nose where it might not be welcome".

"I would like to encourage New Zealanders north and south to advocate the strongest possible connection between the exhibition venues and centres for learning at Te Papa and at Massey University."

He said he hoped a way could be found through the bureaucratic red tape "to give the people of New Zealand a chance to regularly view some of the treasures that are safely stored at Te Papa".

"To have occasional rotating exhibitions drawn from the wealth of material locked away would be good for art, good for people, and good for both of the above-mentioned institutions."

He suggested that exhibition halls should feature some newer art.

"These are all remarkable spaces run by talented people. Why not get the most out of them?"
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