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June 17, 2009

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© Zazzler's Against Hate.

Today we are featuring Zazzlers Against Hate

Zazzler's Against Hate or ZAH was started by individuals who saw Zazzle's political face change over the last nine years. During the Bush administration many anti-government/pro-Bush Zazzle stores popped up with messages from the sublime to the down right mean spirited.

With their message of peace and more so tolerance, ZAH's graphic art designs are from a collective of folks who are fed up with the intolerance of our world. 50% of their proceeds goes to

Below you will see a wide variety of products with their designs. Because there are so many designs to view we will post just a sample and encourage you to visit their store.

We hope you visit ZAH's Zazzle store at Zazzler's Against Hate.
Personal Interests: WE ARE a group of Zazzlers from around the globe who: are from different walks of life; have different viewpoints on everything from art to politics; and have varied business, educational, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

WE SHARE certain beliefs, values and ethics:

IMAGES CAN HURT. Art and art products should be free from hate, intolerance and bigotry.

WORDS CAN HURT. We oppose the use of language for the purpose of debasing, demeaning or diminishing persons and their beliefs.

We hope you enjoy our gallery and that you will join us in the quest to promote art and derivative products that promote harmony and are entirely free from hate.

Thank you from ZAH for your support and friendship!

If you like what you see...

Take a look around the Zazzler's Against Hate store. There are more designs to choose from and many products are customizable.