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Alatriste Arrives

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Viggo Mortensen stars in the Spanish epic.

The captain's renown should reach even greater heights this fall when the film version of Alatriste opens. Viggo Mortensen of Lord of the Rings fame stars in the Spanish-language adventure as Alatriste himself, the 17th century soldier-turned-mercenary. A new trailer - in Spanish only, at the moment - is now available at Fox's website. Even if you don't understand the dialogue, it's an intense preview that leaves a good impression of what's to come.

Although Mortensen is Danish-American, he spent time in South America during his childhood and speaks the tongue of the conquistadors fluently, among several other languages. Mortensen snagged the part after talks between the producers and Antonio Banderas fell through. Mortensen can handle both a steed and a sword, as he demonstrated in Peter Jackson's fantasy saga; no doubt, his name will be an important draw for the film.

Starring with Mortensen is Spanish starlet Elena Anaya (Van Helsing, Lucia y el sexo). Award-winning Spanish filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes ( Sin noticias de Dios) directed the picture.

Alatriste bows in the United States on December 22nd. It will also be shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September, around the time of its Spanish release.
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