Make Viggo An Honorary Citizen Now!

Source: Diario de León

Yesterday the author of Alatriste thanked Diario de León for all their work and wished the star of the film to be named "Adopted Son" of the city as soon as possible.

Yesterday Viggo pointed out that during the shooting there was a very easy and family environment, and Javier Cámara added that he was witness to the fact that Viggo had taken charge of giving 15 books to every actor during the shooting, books that referred to that part of the Spanish history that Reverte tells in his novels.

When the long session was finished Pérez-Reverte told Diario de León that all the display done from León was magnificent and that he thought we had worked hard to have Viggo in the city for the premiere. He regretted not being able to attend the Leonese premiere because of other commitments.

With regard to Viggo being named "Adopted Son", not only did he think it was magnificent but he also pointed out: " He has deserved it for a long time."

A new culture

With a calm attitude, the performer receives the journalists with his maté in his hands, while he speaks slowly, barefooted and with a soft Argentinean accent, about the importance of Alatriste, a film, he says, "that talks about what is not told and about what people don't want to recognize, but shows the truth that is hidden in some gestures and looks."

For the star of movies like Hidalgo, Díaz Yanes' film has given him the chance of getting into "another time, another language and another country", a country he had seen as a visitor, "especially the museums", but a country he now says he's "lucky to be part of."

In this super-production the actor assumes the weight of the leading role in the middle of a "unique cast, because the film got the best actors in Spain together." But he assures us he wasn't frightened of "the responsibility, I think it was to my advantage, like an opportunity to overcome fear, it's a healthy feeling."
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