Viggo Talks About Alatriste


This conversation between Viggo and a reporter from took place on the red carpet at the premiere of A History of Violence in Los Angeles.

Now your following film you've finished up in Spain, called Capitán Alatriste, tell us a little about that character?

Well the easiest way to say it is it's set in the 17th Century when Spain was the empire of the world, you know, like the United States is now and if it was set today the character would be a career solider like a sergeant. Never an officer because he doesn't know how to be discreet...or politically correct with his superiors. He'd be a guy today who is a sergeant in Iraq and had been in the first Gulf War, you know, a career soldier, and through the eyes of this guy...they call him Capitán Alatriste but he's not captain, it's just a nickname "cause he's a good leader of men, like a good sergeant...and through his eyes we see the high and low of Spanish society in the 17th Century. It's a beautiful, beautiful movie and I got to work with some of the best actors in Spain. I mean, I'd have to do normally six or seven movies in Spain to work with all these people and they were all in this one huge production. It was great.

Was this your first time acting in Spanish?

No. No, I've done it a couple of other times.

What's the big difference going from a film like Lord Of The Rings to going to Capitán Alatriste?

Every job's the same in that you've got to figure out who your character is and how you can help tell the story. I think all movies are the same in that sense.

Did the movie get a distribution in the U.S. yet?

Oh yeah. Yeah it's coming out here.
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