This month you can't really miss...Viggo Mortensen

Source: Empire

He'll go down in movie history as the noble, brooding Aragorn, but in David Cronenberg's A History Of Violence, Viggo Mortensen is set to rattle his legions of fantasy-addicted fans. "What he did in Lord Of The Rings has very little to do with his role in this movie," says the director.

Indeed, this time he plays smalltown diner owner Tom Stall, a seemingly ordinary family guy drawn into a world of mobsters after an attempted robbery on his premises. But although a lot of the film's dark drama rests in Viggo's inscrutable blue eyes, Cronenberg says it was seeing the 1999 romance A Walk On The Moon that sealed the deal. !Usually he plays bad guys or scary guys," the director says, "but I could see from that movie that he could be very lovely as a gentle, sweet guy, and very sexy as well."

But that's not to say Mortensen doesn't get down and dirty, and the film's jolts of brutality are far more shocking than we've come to expect from the mild-mannered 46 year-old. "David's saying that violence is never okay," says Mortensen, "but he's not saying violence can be avoided completely. In that sense, he's just showing us life as we humans make it on this planet."
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