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On 24 October 2015 the Spanish programme Página Dos interviewed Viggo about some of his favourite books.

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"Napoleon The Great"

I´ve been reading several books about Napoleon, thinking about the origins of the ... well, the idea of the European Union, the current situation ... But I´m reading a biography by Andrew Roberts called Napoleon the Great that came out in England a year ago or so. When I look in my books at home, there are always things ... I don´t need to read the whole novel, all the collected poems again, but often I leaf through and see the underlining. "Ah, that's what I was thinking then, but I don't agree now." Or I have changed, or "It´s true, I'd forgotten that."

"The Lord Of The Rings"

The Lord of the Rings, Jackson´s trilogy, is probably the adaptation that is my most well-known work as an actor. It's the most seen work I´ve done. I realized that the book was not that strange to me because the basis is, above all Norse mythology, Celtic, literature from that part of the world, and, well, it had a lot to do with the things I had learned, that I had heard, from my father´s Danish side [ of the family] growing up...

"The Algerian Chronicles"

...I still write letters and postcards. I think it's good to support the Post Office, which is something that will disappear. A pity. There is something, the act of physically writing seems healthy to me, and it´s a pleasure to receive a letter. When, for instance, I´m preparing the work for the film Loin des hommes, I'm obviously re-reading from what I had read before by Camus, and reading Camus´ The Algerian Chronicles which I´d never read before and that was very useful for this film.
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