Franni Weber Art

1.- Flower Power bunny.

Poured mold remove pour marks after drying, kiln fired at cone 4
Medium- Ceramic water based stains mixed Elmers glue touch of water.
Kite string dipped in glue various color stains flowers formed with string then stains for inside petals.
Assorted brushes.

2. Eggzactly Right.

Under glaze design done on clay.
Fired kiln at cone 4.
Ceramic glaze applied and kiln fired.
Crocheted basket to hold egg.

3. The Eagles are Coming

Done with a process called rouging.

Cleaned of seams and then kiln fired cone 5.

Brush painted and water base stain ceramic matte spray oil base stain. After detailing, process is done with flannel material. Dipped in various color shades oil base and rubbed on each section. This took about 35 hours to get color right.
Sprayed between coats.
White and yellow stains for head and tail.

Number 3. I worked myself with the pouring and removing from molds as it had to be the right thickness for cleaning. It took approximately 35-40 hours for the eagle, but was worth it when I entered in State Fair it took a Sweepstakes ribbon. I deliberately kept the tail feathers and head more subdued than would be normal.

I taught 5 classes a week and was very proud of my students. 35 each class. They walked away with a total of 28 ribbons variation from 1st to 8th place.

The Eggzactly Right took me a lot of time as it is freehand and I am not a natural born artist.

The Flower Bunny was a delight to work on and she has real eylashes. Had a fuzzy tail, but I took it off. Didn't look right.

Flower Power Bunny
Flower Power Bunny
Image Franni Weber.
© Franni Weber. Used by permission.
The Eagles are Coming
The Eagles are Comin...
Image Franni Weber.
© Franni Weber. Used by permission.
Eggzactly Right
Eggzactly Right
Image Franni Weber.
© Franni Weber. Used by permission.
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