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Just as well someone changed his mind and Pipi came out early against San Martín.

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Thanks to our team and our supporters for Sunday´s victory - and to Colón for the favor. It was our hope, what we desired so much last week, and now it´s a reality. Now there are two matches against Instituto to save ourselves. We are not going to waste this opportunity. If Pipi or any of our top veterans says he is ready to play, they'd better pay attention to them. San Lorenzo won last Sunday on their own merits, in spite of the confusion and the bad choices that those in the coaching staff were dragging during this tournament. In spite of all the media fuss, in spite of the enormous joy some envious people derive from our suffering, wanting to see us fall. Our own showed off their greatness, and none more than our veterans. They reversed the disastrous situation Ciclón had fallen into. But let´s not look back anymore. This tournament is already over, and now there are two finals left. Be reborn, shout like champions and enter the arena without hesitation.

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Redemption is what our players want, what the supporters want. As much as the players of our next adversary want it. And who are those [players] from Instituto Atlético Central de Córdoba? What are they going to find in the Monumental de Alta Córdoba this Thursday the 28th of June? We need to know the enemy and respect him. They did not arrive at this moment by nothing more than luck. Their supporters know what it is to play in the First Division, and they will be crazy about ascending in the ranks again. They have been very close to being in the playoffs by rising to the highest category a couple of times in recent years. This year they have a tremendous team, and last weekend, they were as close to going directly up to the First [Division] as we were to descending directly to the B [division]. Their supporters are no less passionate than ours. They also want to be reborn. To give an idea of what our two thousand Cuervos are going to live through Thursday at the Instituto pitch, this is what was up on the team web page after the painful defeat by Ferro that prevented them from jumping to the First [Division] like River did.

We'll meet again

Sunday, 24th June 2012 20:34

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And that slap hit hard. It still hurts. As if it were just a little while ago that those heavy blows of Ferro's fell; you stayed there, hanging onto the fence, seated in the Monumental, looking at the ground, asking why, pinching yourself to see if what was happening before your eyes was really true.

Yes, tears yet again for la Gloria [trans. note: nickname for the soccer team Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba]. Even if someone were to come and tell you that it's just a soccer game. As if they understand anything. Meanwhile, consumed with sadness, you want to escape from the world. But there you are, in Alta Córdoba, between Jujuy and Calderón de la Barca, thinking that you'll have to come back on Thursday. Even though it's a hard hand. Even though the dream has become complicated. Even though the ascent plays hard to get.

It doesn't matter. Maybe the wound still won't close. The frustration won't be forgotten. But you're going to be there, steadfast. With your red and white shirt. Supporting, cheering [them] on, backing the team, the colors, the club, the passion. For the players who brought you to this point. For the coaching staff. For the way of playing the game. For the joy granted during a whole year. For the 70 points or for pure masochism. Your presence is counted on.

The thing is that, one day, it has to come true for the supporter of la Gloria, the supporter of infinite faith and he of the millennial hopes. He who believes that at any moment, it will be his turn to celebrate, because no bad thing lasts 100 years. He who maybe thinks that something great is waiting for us. Maybe San Lorenzo, next weekend. Or not. You will go back, just in case. And with you, carried on your back, the cursed illusion that fortunately, in spite of everything, you never escape from. We'll meet again, Gloriosos.

By Vanina Di Fiore

They sound like us, right? The passion, the resilience, and also the respect for the adversary that we have to carry in the same measure to the field. "The Gloria," the "Albirroja", club founded ten years after ours was. Cradle of the "Matador" Kempes, of "Pitón" Ardiles, of Bielsa, Saldaño, Beltrán, Ceballos, Dertycia, Caranta...fighting team, with a great tradition, long-suffering and brave as CASLA has had to be. These ones, they never give up. Yes, they will respect us, but they are not afraid of us. They are going to be ready, hungry. We´ll have to face them and we´ll have to win them well, giving our all.

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But with all the respect in the world for Instituto players, who are going to be furious with the unexpected drop from the place of direct ascent in their last match, the Cuervos have been suffering for quite a while lately, for years actually...AND IT´S OVER. We are the Furia Azulgrana in the flesh. Controlled, certainly, but implacable. Latent, creative, but complete. There won´t be a truce in these two matches. Nobody can stop us now if we play our way. Mr Caruso Lombardi, please don´t get too ingenious and on the defensive in the first match this Thursday. Allow our players to show what they can do. They will bring you to the right path if you leave them free to play. The counterattack is not worth it; what is worth it is the attack against. Forward, forward without fear. Life doesn´t last long, and these matches even less.

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I hope that the loyals from the Peña Azulgrana de Córdoba that I met two years ago can be present with their drums, their nice voices and their usual fighting spirit to accompany those who travel this Thursday from Boedo towards the mountains.

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