"Should I stay or should I go?"

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"Should I stay or should I go?", is what the famous song from the The Clash's "Combat Rock" album asks. Below I put a link to the song, in case Caruso Lombardi or any other people working for CASLA feel plagued by existential doubts before the key match against Tigre (or the two other very important matches we have left in this tournament) and they need to psych themselves. I recommend listening to the song at an excessive volume, maybe together with some mate with gin to stand the cold of the fall´s early morning.


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The brave gaucho always finds the good path by raising his head and letting himself be led by the stars. The collective feat by our players in the recent match against Newell´s Old Boys confirmed that they´ve got the ability and the desire required. You don´t have to put obstacles in front of the boys, or give them any reason to hesitate. Just give them free rein.

Los Gauchos de Boedo, 1933
Los Gauchos de Boedo, 1933.
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Among the examples to follow, in case someone lacks inspiration for the next challenges, we have the first professional San Lorenzo team that became champions.

Los Carasucias, 1964
Los Carasucias, 1964.
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or the first I remember and that grabbed me completely with their fighting spirit and their bravado ...

Los Matadores, 1968
Los Matadores, 1968.
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or our undefeated and incomparable champion ...

Campeón 2001
Campeón 2001.
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or the great team led by Pellegrini that saw the talents of two of our current best veterans, Romeo and Romagnoli flourish ...

Campeón 2007
Campeón 2007.
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or our last champion, whose lineup also boasted three of the warriors we have now ...

Hold on Ciclón!
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