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Those who know Viggo Mortensen, a much more introverted guy than he may seem at first sight, know of his extreme professionalism. As soon as a role comes to his hands, the actor becomes a sponge. He studies and absorbs meticulously. And the rehearsals come one after the other, the hours of training, the blending into the character he has to embody. Whether this is the unbeatable Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, the sombre Nikolai from Eastern Promises or the Sigmund Freud that will soon see the light in the film A Dangerous Method (this last one will get him together again with director David Cronenberg).

It is with the same seriousness he approached this project, which brought him to Argentina, the country where he lived until the age of 11 (he was born in New York on October 20th, 1958). What is it? Todos Tenemos Un Plan, a suspense plot with the feel of a thriller, where Mortensen transforms himself into Agustín. That man, tired of his routine life in Buenos Aires, takes on the identity of his dead brother and begins a new life in the Delta del Tigre. However, far from finding peace and quiet, he becomes involved in a dangerous criminal plot. It promises action, an intelligent script (prizewinner in 2008) and a company of good local talent: Soledad Villamill, Daniel Fanego, Sofia Gala and Javier Godino. Ana Piterbarg (Buenos Aires, 1971), who is also the scriptwriter, will have the responsibility of directing what will be her first major work. For Viggo, this undertaking entails a strange mixture of sensations. It's that for the first time, he will be filming in the land that he loves so much, the one that takes him back to his childhood of bicycle, little San Lorenzo shirt, and ice cream on the sidewalk.

He came and went. But he´ll be back. Mortensen, very active lately, arrived in our country two weeks ago. With a low profile, he got together with the production people (Haddock Films-Tornasol-Castafiore-Telefe) and they arranged the first rehearsals. In order to do this, he had no better idea than to choose the Boedo Juniors club, a small institution from the neighbourhood Mortensen loves the most. In Boedo, of course, his beloved San Lorenzo was born. It couldn´t be otherwise; every article that mentions Viggo must, at some point, mention the Ciclón.

Sunday, April 24th, he went to see the game his team played against Tigre in Victoria Stadium. The management had reserved a box for him, but Mortensen preferred sitting in the stands among the fans. He had dozens of photos taken of him, always with the best smile, and his mood only turned sour after the 1 to 0 defeat. The following week he was seen doing some takes with Soledad Villamil in the Palermo neighborhood. A kind of a preview, in anticipation of the beginning of filming May 30. The work will extend, according to the estimated agenda, until July 8. From what became known, the Argentinian cast was charmed by the simplicity and 'coolness' of the American. Ah - there was another leisure outing for Viggo: he went to see the classic play A Streetcar Named Desire at the Apolo theater, with Erica Rivas and Diego Peretti. The colors of his outfit? Blue and red, of course.

Most of the scenes will take place in the el Tigre Delta, among its islands and mysterious landscape. So, during the last days of his stay, the actor personally travelled through the possible locations and settled in like one more islander. Friday the 29th, he returned to the U.S. with the intention of coming back in the middle of May. On Thursday the 19th, a press conference is planned at the Spanish embassy, since the film will be a co-production with that country. Enthusiastic, Viggo will begin to satisfy an old longing: to bring his art to the pampas he loves so much. A child's dream, as they say.
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