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Four Tales From Perceval: Review

Source: PCH Press
Categories: Gallery Shows
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, ….
© Deryck True. Used by permission.
PCH Press in Malibu has a great review of the Four Tales From Perceval exhibit opening with some interesting percpectives.
In the first section off the main gallery were the images of Mortensen. Black and white photographs of dark dreams or perceptions of life. In a rather humble statement from someone of such artistic stature and talent, there were only a few of Mortensen's works on display. But, the small room dedicated to his work dictated only a few images could be mounted well. Mortensen's photographs are humbling and a bar artists should hope to achieve themselves after thirty plus-years of photographing.

These pictures are taken from Mortensen's newest release Linger. A blurred image of a child running and playing stood out from the rest. The young boy was nearly a silhouette in the blur of grey and black. One almost wonders if the photo was of a father's empty nest syndrome with Mortensen's son graduating from high school this year. Or, maybe the picture just conveys a feeling of euphoria that is common to all humans at that age.
Read the entire review here.

© PCH Press 2006. All Rights Reserved. Images © Deryck True. All Rights Reserved.

Four Tales From Perceval Opens in Venice

Source: Sunshine and Deruck True
Categories: Gallery Shows
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, ….
© Deryck True. Used by permission.
Our thanks to both Sunshine, for her review of the opening, and to Deryck True, for his photo of the Four Tales From Perceval opening event last evening in Venive, CA.

Click on image to enlarge.
One of small rooms held eight of Stanley Milstein's B&W prints. The Milstein photos displayed were "Seine Fisherman," "Couple at Cathedral Bruges," "Fisherman Loire," "Chefs in Eiffel Tower," "Loire Banks, Praying," "Paris Street Scene", "Water Pump, Paris" and a very large 40x60 print of "Cooperative." "Chefs in Eiffel Tower" is a bit humorous, with a wire elevator full of chefs against the background of the metal architecture of the Eiffel Tower. "Seine Fisherman" seemed to be an early morning scene, with the fisherman spaced along the Seine River, focused on the task at hand.

The other small room displayed the color prints from Lindsay Brice of her dressed-up evocative dolls. I find the images somewhat disturbing, dolls come to life, but not like those of fairy tales.
You can read all of Sunshine's review here.

Images © Deryck True. Used by permission.

Happy Father's Day

Here's hoping that everyone is spending some time today with their Dad. Happy Father's Day from all of us at Viggo-Works.

Images © Rex/BEI.

"Four Tales from Perceval" Opens This Evening

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: Echo85
Categories: Gallery Shows
Our thanks to Echo85 for sharing her copy the her invitation with us.

The Jaxon House Gallery
June 17 through July 16
1337 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA
(310) 401-0080

© Perceval Press.

Viggo Goes to Tehran

Found By: Gabriel, lilivenezuela, Aflon & Stargazer
Categories: Viggo being Viggo
001teh.jpg 002teh.jpg 003teh.jpg
Here is a heartwarming story that should come as no surprise to anyone. Viggo visited a young author in the hospital in Tehran. The details are sketchy but our thanks to Gabriel and lilivenezuela from for surfacing the article and photos from an Asian newspaper, and to Stargazer and Aflon for bringing it to us at Viggo-Works.

Once again...Bravo Viggo!

Click on photos to enlarge.

From lilivenezuela...

Viggo is the loveliest man I've ever heard of. My friend Gabriel has just found a newspaper article in an Asian Newspaper and sent me this with pix. Sorry for the
bad translation:

"Viggo has been to Tehran to visit a patient with head trauma. A young author who was at the hospital due to an accident. The article says just how incredibly compassionate and kind this man (Viggo) is. He is the true example of a real and kind man."

© Unknown. Images © Unknown.

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