Miscellaneous and Anecdotes

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Miscellaneous and Anecdotes

As an oblivious world walked by - including hordes of media types attending TIFF - actor Viggo Mortensen sat openly in the lobby of the Sutton Place, gently tickling the ivories of a baby grand piano.... Following his impromptu recital, the soft-spoken taciturn actor said, "I just made it up."

Asked to comment on whether the piano was properly tuned, he replied: "More or less."

His response to the question, "I didn't know you played:"

"I didn't either," followed by a loud, horsy laugh.

Viggo Mortensen plays piano at Sutton Place
Bruce Demara
8 September 2008

I can't wear suits with big shoulders. My new film, Good, is set in the Forties, when suits had big shoulders. But they look absurd on me. And I filmed a scene with Viggo Mortensen in which we wore swimming trunks and the fashion then was to wear them over your belly button. Neither of us pulled them up that high - we just couldn't bring ourselves to look that bad.

Jason Isaacs
Live Magazine
12 April 2009

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