Comments about Viggo

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Comments about Viggo

"He's a really beautiful, delicate artist of a man. He's nothing like any other actor I've worked with. I was doing Brotherhood, and he came to Rhode Island to hang out with me and my family so we could create a history between us.

"And when we were shooting in Hungary, he said, 'I don't want my trailer to be bigger than the other actors'. He's a very special guy and that shows in the work. When you're on set, you feel like you're equals collaborating. That's often not the case with big stars."

Jason Isaacs
Good premier
7 September 2008

"It was a generous gesture of Viggo to do that [fly out to get to know him prior to filming]. I don't want to get too soppy, but it made me feel incredibly warm towards him. When I arrived in Hungary, having had to shed a character on the plane, Viggo had already been around Europe on his own research trip and gathered some artifacts he thought might be useful for the character of Maurice. Viggo made it very, very easy for me to like him. He made it very easy to be his friend on screen and off screen."

Jason Isaaces on Viggo flying out to meet him prior to filming
Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs Address Good and Wax Philosophical about the Nazis
by Brad Balfour
Huffinton Post
13 January 2009

"The thing about whoever played Halder is he had to have a sense of integrity and goodness. That's something I've always thought of (Mortensen) and something I'd been told by people who knew him -- that he was a really lovely guy."

Jason Isaacs
Feb 2009

"Viggo is a wonderful team player and one of the sweetest persons I ever met."

Scriptwriter Miriam Segal
Good Premiere, Budapest
6 December 2008

In contrast to the prancing egos on display at the TIFF, the undisputed hero this year has been charismatic, versatile and totally charming Viggo Mortensen the electrifying German-British co-production Good, my favorite film of the festival, even this mesmerizing chameleon, who has proved he can play anything, surprised the hell out of audiences, who emerged stunned.

What Has Happened to the Toronto Film Festival?
Rex Reed
The New York Observer
9 September 2008
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