Viggo Mortensen was the perfect choice to play McCarthy's Road survivor


Image Macall Polay.
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The Lord of The Rings star's love of hiking and camping have left him exposed to the elements when he is least prepared, and he has had to survive a host of near-death experiences in the wilderness.

He says, "I've been lost in the woods before in the winter time and had to figure out how to get out. I've been lost in New Zealand and lost in northern Norway, where it got cold very suddenly and I was not prepared or dressed as warmly as I should have been. I probably shouldn't have been hiking in that area that late in the year.

"I thought, 'Oh, the weather is good right now,' which was dumb, because it got cold, so I really didn't deserve to get through it that easily.

"I got lucky and was able to find my way back. Anybody who's spent time outdoors camping or hiking in the wilderness knows that something is gonna go wrong at some point. I had whatever I had with me, which was nuts to eat and I went fishing."

He insists he looked the part of the beaten man for the movie, in which he plays a father trying to survive the apocalypse by any means possible: "I was a little worn out before this from travelling, promoting movies. It was beyond the make-up that you saw in my face which made it seem more lean... I seemed slighter and slighter and more tired as we went along."
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