Mortensen Greets Tolkien Fans

Source: Ultima Hora

The members of the Tolkien Society Paraguay, which brings together the followers of the British writer J.R. [sic] Tolkien, were pleased to share a few minutes with the American actor Viggo Mortensen, one of the main protagonists of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.

The actor arrived this week in Paraguay to work on an edition of a book about ethnology.

The meeting between the fans and the artist was held in the Paraguay Hotel, where Mortensen was staying.

"We called the hotel to confirm that he was there and then began to organize to go and greet him there. We had the brilliant possibility of meeting in person one of the principal actors in The Lord of the Rings," comments Marcos Tonsert, founder of STP.

After almost two hours of waiting, the dream was realized and the very same Mortensen approached to say hello and share a few minutes with the fans.

"When we were all prepared to leave, we saw a gentleman with a well-known face who was wearing a blue and red T-shirt, like that of San Lorenzo de Almagro. We all remained quiet, we didn't know what to do," recounts Tonsert.

Then, the artist approached the boys and having seen the insignia printed on their t-shirts, asked them if they belonged to the Tolkien Society. "He greeted us kindly, signed autographs, took photographs and said that he was pleased to know about the existence of the Tolkien Society in Paraguay," comments the young man.

The boys, in addition to giving a t-shirt, which the actor graciously accepted and promised to use, offered a little musical tribute.

Ayrton, one of the members of the STP, performed The Shire, on his violin, one of the songs from the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings.

On hearing the melody, Mortensen, who had excused himself for a few minutes to go to the lobby of the hotel, returned and congratulated Ayrton, had more photographs taken and expressed thanks for the gesture.

"He was always respectful and kind. Due to his visit, many people got in touch with our group," Tonsert finally told us.

Mortensen arrived in our country on Monday to work on a book based on the investigative work of the German ethnologist Max Schmidt and the Slovene doctor Branislava Susnik.

Yesterday he left for Buenos Aires, where he will continue working on the bibliographic materials.
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