Viggo: "I want to see Flamengo play at Maracanã"

Source: Ego (Globo) videoclip

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Viggo: For me it was nice to work with Vicente (Amorim); he is a director that pays attention to all the team that surrounds him, to all the actors, and it is obvious that he likes his work. He has a passion for this, for telling stories through the movies, and that creates an enthusiasm in everybody around him. He inspires you. It's fun. It is much more fun to work with a person who likes his work than with a person that only sees it as a professional responsibility. For him, it means to play, to have fun, to learn.

What is your impression of the city? If you have some free time, do you have plans to do something, to get to know any specific place here in Rio?

Viggo: Well, since we are working, I don't have time. I like what I've seen so far; if we have time tomorrow, I'd like to see the place where Flamengo play, the Maracanã [soccer stadium], go to the museum, I don't know... I don't know if I will have time. I'll have to come back; the city looks beautiful.
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