Viggo Mortensen Bets On The Universal Value Of The Western

Source: Reuters

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The American actor Viggo Mortensen returns to embody the role of a hero on horseback, but this time for a starring role in the western Appaloosa, which marked the debut of the Spanish actress Ariadna Gil in Hollywood.

The film is a story about friendship, honour and companionship in the wild west, some universal values that still exist.

"We continue to make films about the west, because they have something universal," said Mortensen in Madrid, accompanied by his companion Ariadna Gil, and recalled that films began with westerns, a genre that some consider outdated and others argue has been reinvented many times.

Raised in Argentina, Mortensen spoke a good Castilian, a language he has cultivated and in which he said would not mind returning to work in film or theatre.

Ed Harris is director and co-producer of the film, in addition to interpreting the companion of Mortensen's character. Both have a lasting, special friendship - just like in real life - while trying to bring order and peace as agents of law to the indomitable west of 1882.

"My character is somewhat brief, say a little like Alatriste," said Mortensen on Everett Hitch, the representative of the law that supplies replies to his friend and colleague Virgil Cole (Harris).

The cast is completed by the award-winning American actress Renée Zellweger and Oscar winning British actor Jeremy Irons, in addition to the small role reserved for the Catalan interpreter as a friend of Mortensen's character.

Both actors have a good, friendly, sympathetic relationship away from the screen and a great chemistry on it after working together on Alatriste, a movie the U.S. star has kept as a good memory.

"I spent a very good time shooting Alatriste, especially with Agustin Diaz Yanes (the director). I'd like to go back to work with him," Mortensen said, adding that he had really enjoyed his latest, newly released, work which also features Ariadna.

The actress, winner of a Goya for her role in Belle Epoque blushed and laughed when Mortensen said that Ariadna had gone to Hollywood to "do them a favour" with her small role in her first movie in the U.S.

"Yes, certainly, I was doing you a favour, of course," she answered with irony, flattered by her co-star's commentary.
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