"Doing the dishes is like meditation"

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Viggo Mortensen loves changes. After legendary heroes and murderers he now plays a mercenary with a conscience in Alatriste.

You often play adventurers. Could you survive in the wilderness alone?

I think so. I've liked to be with nature since my childhood. To prepare for my roles I do long walking trips, camping or fishing. Besides it's a good excuse to do the things I love.

You give the impression that you are always relaxed and calm.

Fine, if it looks like that. At least I try to be. But there are phases in my life where I land myself with too many things and then I run around nervously. And if I take a look at my apartment then I feel queasy...

Is there anything to hide?

No, no secrets, but it's terribly chaotic. I leave books and rubbish lying around everywhere.

Are you messy?

No, it's not that bad, but I'm not the tidiest person in the world. But my dishes and clothes are always clean.

Do you have a cleaning lady?

No, I do everything by myself. I don't even have a dishwasher. If you clean your plates and cups by hand it's like meditation. It's like fishing: you concentrate your mind on a particular action, you relax and you start to notice things at the edge of your view.

It sounds as though your life is perfectly balanced.

Not quite. I have to get used to the situation that my 18 year old son Henry has moved out and gone to university. I miss him. At the moment I live on the memories of the World Cup last year - when we watched every game together.
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