Fantastic Viggo: "I'll always fight against oppression"

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Rome Film Festival 10.16.06
Rome Film Festival 10.16.06
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We met Viggo Mortensen, the epic Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, at the Rome Film Festival where he was presenting his latest movie in which he plays the lead role, Alatriste.

The characters you portray have in common loneliness, values and strength of will, is that of your own choice?

I love complex characters, who have values such as loyalty, love and sense of friendship, because they need great research and care in portraying them. Anyway, the actor's performance makes sense only if it can depend on good directing and good editing.

Alatriste wields the sword as Aragorn did in Lord of the Rings, is there any similarity between the two characters?

This is a true story and my character has some faults and a great nobility. He isn't an ideal hero, though. Aragorn, on the contrary, is fantasy, imagination. They both believe in friendship and in the given word, and they are courageous.

What is courage to you?

The courage comes from friends, it is respect towards those who are close to you.

Yesterday I was walking in Villa Borghese and I saw some Asian boys being assaulted by a group of teenagers. I made the motion to intervene, they saw me and ran away. These things happen everywhere, and I'll always refuse to accept them.

You are also a painter, poet, musician, how much this does affect your acting?

Each one of my many interests are very important, because they act as a filter, and allow a personal interpretation. For instance, in order to put myself into the Spanish historical period of the 17th century, I have studied the paintings of Velazquez, because they show the colours and the characters of that age, that are in the movie.
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