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Viggo Mortensen to Receive San Sebastian Film Festival Career Honor


The star will present his directorial debut 'Falling' during the September fest in Spain.

Image Caitlin Cronenberg.
© Hanway Films.
Viggo Mortensen will receive a Donostia Award in recognition of his career at the 68th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, organizers unveiled on Monday.

The star will present his directorial debut Falling, for which he also wrote the screenplay, during the festival. The family drama, which closed the Sundance Festival and is one of those selected for the official Cannes 2020 festival selection, will have its European premiere at San Sebastian.

Falling stars veteran actor Lance Henriksen and Mortensen himself as father and son whose different worlds collide. Produced by the actor's label, Perceval Pictures, together with Ingenious, Hanway Films, Scythia Films and Zephyr Films, the film is scheduled for an Oct. 2 release in Spain, where it will be distributed by Caramel Films and Youplanet Pictures.

"In the last 35 years, Viggo Mortensen has participated in around 50 films by filmmakers including David Cronenberg, Peter Weir, Jane Campion, Peter Jackson, Gus Van Sant, Brian de Palma, Agustín Díaz Yanes, Ana Piterbarg, Lisandro Alonso, David Oelhoffen, Peter Farrelly and Matt Ross," the San Sebastian festival said. "He has left his stamp on all of them, no matter what the genre. Not only was he part of the cast of the fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings, where he played the immortal Aragorn, but he has also landed three Academy Award nominations for Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg, 2007), Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross, 2016) and Green Book (Peter Farrelly, 2018)."

The San Sebastian festival will take place Sept. 18-Sept. 26.

© The Hollywood Reporter. Images © Hanway Films.

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Viggo to be Honored at Delayed Cannes

Source: Monsters and Critics

Cannes Film Festival: Wes Anderson, Viggo Mortensen lead films for 2020

© Image Collect.
Many of the 2020 film festivals were either canceled, postponed, or moved online, and the Cannes Filme Festival is no different.

The live festival event was canceled in May due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that will not stop Cannes from moving on as planned.

The 2020 Cannes Film Festival will honor Anderson, along with actor Viggo Mortensen and French filmmaker François Ozon this season.

Everyone knows Viggo Mortensen from his role in films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as critically acclaimed performances in A History of Violence. He is a three-time Oscar nominee.

Viggo Mortensen is coming to the Cannes Film Festival with his directorial debut, Falling. Mortensen also stars in the movie alongside Lance Henricksen and Laura Linney.

The film is about a gay man (Mortensen) whose homophobic father (Henricksen) starts to suffer from dementia.

Director David Cronenberg, who himself is a seven-time nominee at Cannes, winning once for Crash, appears in the film in an acting role.

© Monsters and Critics. Images © Image Collect.

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Images from Cannes This Evening

Found By: Lindi
Categories: Award Ceremonies

Thanks to Lindi for the heads up on these photos from the Cannes presentations this evening.

Images © Getty.

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