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A Dangerous Method Premiere Interview

By Ben Mortimer

3 February 2012

Source: Hey U Guys

At this week's second UK premiere for A Dangerous Method, we spoke to Viggo Mortensen about the attraction of working with David Cronenberg. He explained, "He makes what can sometimes be a very trying or difficult job, or emotionally demanding, he makes easy and fun. He never loses sight of the fact that, after all it's play, it's make believe. It should be fun, there's no reason for it not to be, and he helps you feel that way too. There's a lot of directors - I would say, more often than not, directors forget that. They feel the pressure, or they take themselves or what they're doing too seriously."

When asked whether he was referring to directors he has worked with he continued, "I don't think there's many directors like him, who are so secure as people. That have such technical knowledge, and actually like actors - a lot of directors don't. Don't understand them, don't want to understand them, feel threatened by them and the suggestions that they have. He's not."
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