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Viggo Mortensen: "I'd have the courage to film in Catalán."

By - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe

8 April 2011

Source: El Periodico

Viggo Mortensen, the American actor, has left the door open to a film in Catalan. "I´d have to rehearse a lot," he said this Friday in Lleida, where he added: "Yes, I could manage. I guess it would require an intelligent director, and if he shot me speaking in Catalan, the text would need to be minimal. It´s not impossible, I guess."

The actor that played Aragorn in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings held a meeting this Friday with journalists in Segriá's capital, where he received one of the Honor Awards from the Mostra de Cinema Llatinamericá de Catalunya.

Next week, in Argentina, the country in which he grew up, Mortensen begins filming Todos Tenemos Un Plan, the first work from Ana Piterbarg, and assured [us] that after that shoot, he has no film projects planned, only literary ones.

Months after presenting Anthology of Argentinian Poetry [sic] in Barcelona, Mortensen anticipates publishing another book with other poets "that are of that generation, from post-dictatorship Argentina."
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