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Viggo Mortensen: "Javier and Penelope are doing very well at everything"

By - translated by Ollie, Remolina, Rio and Sage

8 April 2011

Source: La Voz Libre

The actor Viggo Mortensen, recipient of the Award of Honor in the Mostra de Cine Llationamericano de Lleida that begins this Friday, maintains that actors Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are doing very well in the States.

"I think that Javier and Penélope are doing very well in every sense," he answered to a reporter who asked him what his assessment of Spanish actors, headed by Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, was.

Before answering, he stated that, to him, it´s not professional to talk about people´s personal relationships, and on the way he deals with popularity he said that to him fame "is one of those things you cannot control."

Apart from this brief assessment, in the press conference the actor defended rehearsals and technique before going in front of a camera, because, he said, "technique is not the enemy of a good performance in a film; nor are rehearsals."

He explained that in the movies there are actors and directors who are not accustomed to the theater, who do not like to rehearse because they think they will lose spontaneity.

"And that's not true; from my point of view you can never be totally prepared". He's convinced that technique is very useful, "but if you use it in the wrong way, you're going to look bad."
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