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Courtesy of Viggo's Celluloid Haven
Courtesy of Viggo's Celluloid Haven.
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It was fun, like doing a play from a certain period and trying to make the language relevant today. - Viggo Mortensen


"....when I met Gus [Van Sant] for the first time to discuss the part, my first question was:"why do you want to remake that movie; it was a perfectly good movie the first time round?" So I wasn't inclined to do it, but he simply said that it might be fun."

Viggo Mortensen
November 2007

"I vindicate the Van Sant Psycho remake as exercise. It's an obsessive work. The search for the literal in this remake interests me. I had a small role, but I enjoyed working him. He's an intelligent man with a strange sense of humour."

The Other Mortensen
By Mariana Enriquez - translated by Margarita
Página 12
20 November 2005

'It was fun,' says Mortensen. 'Like doing a play from a certain period and trying to make the language relevant today.'

Leave It To Viggo
By Susan Perry
Black Book

When asked about the remake of Psycho, directed by Gus Van Sant, he softens. "I laughed every day making that movie. There is that scene in a hardware store with Bill Macy - he's just hilarious. He seems like someone who always has an absurd take on what's going on. And Anne Heche - I could tell she just thought I was such a dummy!"

The Brain Dane
by Ariel Leve
The Sunday Times, 2003

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