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Viggo On His Way To Denmark

June 2005

Source: Billed-Bladet #24 - translated by Westfold

"The summer holiday will be spent with my family," says the half Danish star.

After the LOTR films he is frequently called 'King Viggo', so our Hollywood reporter at Billed-Bladet had a publicity t-shirt made with the slogan 'A little royal one should be allowed to be' to be given to him. "I definitely don't have anything against my royal nickname," he replied smiling. "Many, many thanks."

"I will surely come to Denmark, when I will be finished during June with the takes for my next film. So far I have no other forthcoming parts, so I can enjoy a long holiday and a Danish summer with my Danish family in the Ringsted area," says the half Danish star Viggo Mortensen.

"I prefer to visit Denmark during the summer, because there is nothing like a Danish summer. Soon my son, Henry, will finish school, and he will come with me this time, I think, because we haven't seen much of each other the last few months. I have in fact been travelling a lot lately," says the 46-year-old Viggo, when we met in Cannes for the Film Festival, where he was promoting his new film, A History of Violence. (The Danish premiere is in October).

His son Henry, having now reached the age of 17, only has one year left of school, and Mortensen Junior doesn't know for sure what he would then like to do. "Maybe he is on the verge of getting the taste for plays, he thinks it's quite enjoyable to join in the school plays, and he is in fact quite good," adds Viggo with a proud look in his eyes.

It is difficult to recognize the sexy star because of the mighty moustache that fills a lot of his face. But the ocean blue eyes shine through as usual. Viggo really lives in his roles, and he himself has chosen to grow the moustache for his role in Agustín Díaz Yanes' Spanish film, Alatriste, that he will be filming until the holiday.

"It took months to get it to the way it is now," he says laughing about his large moustache. "But as soon as I can, it will be removed!"

Viggo almost panicked in Cannes, when his very special thermos with his equally special herbal tea disappeared, and he was relieved when Billed-Bladet's reporter found it and gave it to him. "Phew, it really means a lot to me."

Viggo's son, Henry, was not in Cannes, since he had to attend school at home in Los Angeles. "He is old enough to stay at home alone, and he is good at entertaining himself. Like me Henry reads and draws a lot."

Henry Gets His Father's Car

Henry Mortensen, Viggo's son, also enjoyes his father millions. He's had his driver's licence for a year now, and after having convinced his father that he is an extremely careful driver, Viggo has given him his private, favorite car, a Toyota Prius Hybrid, which is economic, but most of all good for the environment, since it runs on electricity or lead-free petrol and requires little fuel. "It's a lovely car, that I can strongly recommend," says Viggo.
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