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Viggo Mortensen is now in Alicante to begin the shooting of his film today

By - translated by Ollie and Zoe

29 July 2011


The American actor spent yesterday in the Ciudad de la Luz studios with the director Ana Piterbarg.

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Again, one more year, Alicante is counting on the presence of world- renowned actors.

If Naomi Watts and Bruce Willis were the ones who were shooting in the province last summer, on this occasion the visitor is Viggo Mortensen. The American actor, coming from Argentina, landed in El Altet on Wednesday at 9pm to begin today shooting scenes from Todos tenemos un plan in Ciudad de la Luz , the film in which he shares starring roles with Soledad Villamil, with whom he´ll work in the cinematography complex in Alicante.

Yesterday, Mortensen spent the day in Ciudad de la Luz, where, along with the film director, Argentinian Ana Piterbarg, he checked the sets where he´ll begin working today. Dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, the actor arrived at the complex in the morning, where he had lunch, and left when it was almost dark, after being picked up by a white van that took him to the apartment where he is staying. The New Yorker has long hair and a beard.

The producer of the film has rented set #6 from Ciudad de la Luz (City of Light) since the 30th of May, the date on which the workers on the film began to assemble the scenery so that everything would be ready today. The cast of Todos tenemos un plan will be filming in Alicante until the 14th of August. Previously they were filming in Buenos Aires for seven weeks where they finished working on the 22nd of July. This Spanish-Argentinian production is produced by Gerardo Herrero after his successful experience with El Secreto de Sus Ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) , an Oscar-winning film.

The meeting between the actors and the media is not planned until the 9th of August, although it is uncertain whether Mortensen will grant personal interviews beyond the official press conference. The people around him say that the actor is not that much in favor of it, because he doesn't want anything to distract him from the introspection that he carries out to put himself into the skin of the characters that he brings to life.

The script of the film says that it tells the story "of a middle-aged man who decides to abandon everything that he's known up to that point and embark on an unconscious search for a second chance." The premiere is scheduled for 2012. Todos tenemos un plan is the first feature film directed by Piterbarg, after four series (Campeones de la Vida, Malandras, Loco por Ti and Los Galindo) and a short (No Mires). Also appearing in the film, along with Mortensen and Villamil, are the actors Javier Godino and Daniel Fanego, known for their roles in El Secreto de sus Ojos and Luna de Avellaneda, respectively.

The film that has brought Mortensen to Alicante marks the third time [sic] the American confronts the challenge of acting in Cervantes´ language, after shooting Gimlet and Alatriste, one of the most well-known films he´s been in of late, along with Eastern Promises.

With a budget of 3,700,000€, the ten weeks duration of Todos tenemos un plan in Alicante will have an economic impact of two million euros in the province. A part of that money will be destined to pay the lodging expenses of the actors and the rest of the film´s crew, who are staying in a hotel and in two apartment complexes. Todos tenemos un plan counts on the participation of Televisión Española and the Argentinian channel Telefé. The film is financed by the Instituto de Cinematografía y de las Artes Visuales and by the Instituto de Crédito Oficial. Fox will be the company in charge of the international distribution of the film, premiering in 2012.
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