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Ana Piterbarg: Life Change

By - translated by Zoe

8 July 2011

Source: Clarín

Image John Harris.
© Haddock Films.
"It's an idea that I've had for many years. It's the story of someone who is changing his life and what is going to happen to him on that journey," says Ana Piterbarg, talking about her first work. With experience as assistant director (for Martín Rejtman and Fermanado Spiner) and TV director (Gasoleros, Campeones de la vida) she arrives at this ambitious film with Viggo Mortensen, filmed in Tigre and with production from Haddock Films (The Secrets in Their Eyes).

"The most difficult thing was getting the financing. It's a big, complicated film," she says. For that reason, the presence of Viggo was fundamental. "I came across the idea and it thrilled me, but it seemed impossible to me. It so happened that I came across him at the entrance to San Lorenzo, told him that I had a script, he gave me an address, I sent it to him by mail and a few months later, he told me by mail that he was interested."

Why Viggo? "Because the subject of ambivalence is very important and I don't know if there are many actors that can do that," she says. "It was hard for me to think of Argentine actors like that. He has something very soft and very hard at the same time and one doesn't find that so easily."
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