Young Guns 2 Review

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Though Young Guns ended on what appeared to be a fairly conclusive note, here three of the original cast (Estevez, Philips and Sutherland) are reunited for another dusty ride through American legend that mixes action with low key comedy.

An intriguing premise proposes that Billy the Kid (Estevez) was not in fact shot by former buddy Pat Garrett (Petersen) but made it away to live out in the hills. Now an old man, he seeks a pardon and the film takes the form of a flashback detailing the West's most famous feud.

Sounding as if he's been up all night smoking Woodbines, Estevez narrates and he's the surest shot here. Fresh-faced, cheeky and bursting with spunk, he not only gets the best lines but operates as a sort of beacon, distracting attention away from some of the less well-drawn characters. Slater too is impressive as a gang member worrying about his lack of a bad name. Arch humour and predictable action contribute to the general sense of pastiche, but it's pastiche with plenty of panache.


Entertaining and purposefully lightweight cowboy yarn dominated by Estevez at his most charming, pretty and cool.
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