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All Systems Restored

We are delighted to announce that ALL systems/sections of Viggo-Works have been FULLY RESTORED. They are there for you to enjoy.

Thanks again for your patience.

More From The Jaxon House Reception

Source: Deryck True
Categories: Gallery Shows
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06 Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06 Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06
Once again, many thanks to Deryck True for more great photos from Saturday evening's Jaxon House/Perceval Press reception.

Click on image to enlarge.

© Deryck True. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

A Message from Viggo at Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Viggo being Viggo
001pp1.jpg pplogo.gif
A fan's notes:

As hoped for, the 2006 World Cup has brought us glimpses of inspired athleticism, sportsmanship, drama, passion, and international fraternity. As in past World Cup events, this one has also provided examples of unethical, boorish, and generally undignified behaviour from players, coaches, referees, and fans alike. In this year's edition of the championship, moments of individual artistry, genial team play, and overall good spirits have occasionally been overshadowed by controversial officiating, gamesmanship, sour grapes, second-guessing of coaching decisions, fans brawling, and unsubstantiated claims of preferential treatment being given to the established "big" teams. All of this, to some degree, appears to be part-and-parcel of the month-long event, and nothing greatly surprising or irrevocably unpleasant seems to have taken place yet. However, Henry A. Kissinger, in an abbreviated fan's overview of recent World Cup history ("World of Wonder", 12 June international edition of Newsweek) wrote a couple of sentences that so shockingly reeked of blood and hypocrisy as to be worth noting. Referring to Argentina's win against Holland in the 1978 final, he wrote:

"The Argentine victory produced a moment of respite from the near civil war conditions and brutal official repression racking Argentina. For 48 hours, Buenos Aires celebrated with such tumultuous abandon as to hide the bitterness of the national divisions."

Coming from a man who helped sow the seeds for "the near civil war conditions and brutal official repression racking Argentina" (not to mention Chile and other nations) in the 1970s, this is thoroughly shameless. Had he written the piece from jail, where he belongs, it would have been no less shameless. Enough said.

- vm

© Viggo Mortensen/Perceval Press.

Julian Broad Photo Shoot

Source: faces_fit
0001esq.jpg 0004esq.jpg 0005esq.jpg 0006esq.jpg 0007esq.jpg 0008esq.jpg 0010esq.jpg 0011esq.jpg 0012esq.jpg 0013esq.jpg 0015esq.jpg 0017esq.jpg 0018esq.jpg 0019esq.jpg 0020esq.jpg 0021esq.jpg 0022esq.jpg 0023esq.jpg 0002esq.jpg 0003esq.jpg 0009esq.jpg 0014esq.jpg 0016esq.jpg
Our MEGA thanks to faces_fit for these breathtaking photos from the Julian Broad/Esquire photos shoot. Some of these are eye-poppers.

Click on images to enlarge.

Images © Julian Broad.

More from Tehran

Source: Viggoville & Obsessions
Categories: Viggo being Viggo
004teh.jpg 005teh.jpg 006teh.jpg
Our thanks to kumru at Viggoville for posting another report of Viggo's visit to Iran. Our thanks also to rafuna from Obsessions.

Click on image to enlarge.

Many thanks to the rafuna in the Obsession forum at Viggophile...

Quote:rafuna wrote:
I found these pictures from a gulf-region weekly magazine, They are from a short report in which it's said that actor, publisher, poet Viggo Mortensen has visited a young author in the hospital from Asia in June.

© Unknown.

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