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Found By: Indian Moon
Categories: Alatriste Scans
Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste Cinerama - 9.2006 Viggo Mortensen es Alatriste
Our thanks to Indian Moon for surfacing these scans at El Capitán Alatriste, Libros y Película. The come from CINERAMA Magazine. The scans were too small to read the text but we thought you might find the images as stunning as we did.

Click on scan to enlarge.

© CINERAMA 2006 Picaso Estudios, Origen and All Rights Reserved.

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Source: MADRID 360.
Found By: Sachie
Categories: Alatriste Scans
001mad.JPG 002mad.JPG 003mad.JPG 004mad.JPG 005mad.JPG
In last week's Alatriste rush, I believe that several of you sent scans of Madrid 360 to us and we neglected to post them properly. Our thanks to Sachie for sending them once again after the dust has settled so that we can share them with all of you.

Click on scan to enlarge.

I believe that everyone has seen these images, but the Spanish text may contain some **SPOILERS**

© ABC (1st, Sep., 2006). 2006 Picaso Estudios, Origen and All Rights Reserved. TXT: JAVIER CORTIJO. Images © CESAR URRUTIA..

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Source: Torreviejanet.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Books & CD's

Our thanks to Chrissie for surfacing this bit of news about the upcoming Perceval Press project, ANTOLOGÍA DE TEXTOS CRÍTICOS: EL NUEVO ARTE CUBANO.

From the English translation at Torreviejanet...
The councilman of Culture, Eduardo Dolón, accompanied by Kevin Power, commissioner of the exhibition "Cuba, a mental island", the director of the exhibition halls, Emilio Clemares, and the collaborator of the sample, Manuel Albaladejo, presented the publication that gathers the artistic route of the six artists who expose in Glad the Vista room.

This publication, indicated Dolón, will be distributed of national and international form by the diverse universities, altogether 71 in Spain and 56 in Latin America, as well as 48 seats of the Cervantes Institute, 30 centers of art and the IES of the city.

As future project is the accomplishment of a joint publication between Viggo Mortensen and its editorial in Santa Monica, and the City council of Torrevieja. Kevin Power explained that the publication will gather critical texts, in an anthology related to Cuba.

On the other hand, the culture edile indicated that it is the first time that is made a contract of collaboration of this nature, with an investment of about 12,000 euros in the project. The publishing house will be in charge of the publication and distribution.

It is predicted that Viggo Mortensen visits Torrevieja to sign the agreement in the month of October.

Visit this project at Perceval Press.

Visit Torreviejanet

© 2005 Images © Douglas Perez & Caras.

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Getting real with the political Viggo Mortensen

Source: The Press Republican.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Politics
Plattsburgh Fundraising 9.7.06
Plattsburgh Fundraising 9.7.06
Image Michael Betts.
© 2006 Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.
Our thanks to Chrissiejane for surfacing this piece from The Press Republican.

Actor promotes fellow Watertown native Bob Johnson in Congressional bid


PLATTSBURGH - Dr. Bob Johnson, 23rd Congressional District candidate, is the real deal in the eyes of Viggo Mortensen.

Mortensen is critically acclaimed for his disparate acting roles in films ranging from "Lord of the Rings" to "A History of Violence" and "Hidalgo." Beyond screens, big and small, he is an accomplished poet and artist.

Mortensen revealed his political face with Johnson at a "Change the Course of a Nation" fundraising gala held at a packed Burgundy Room in Plattsburgh Thursday.

"I've never done this before," Mortensen said. "I've said what I thought before but I've never actively gone and campaigned for somebody. And I'm very proud to be of whatever service I can. I hope it's helpful because he really deserves it. And I think the people of the 23rd Congressional District deserve it, too ... at least to hear his voice ... to hear his ideas."

Watertown is the nexus for Mortensen, the local boy who made Hollywood-good, and Johnson, who has a thoracic practice at Samaritan Medical Center.

Common health-care views brought the doctor and actor together after Mortensen aired his concerns during his May commencement speech at his alma mater, St. Lawrence University in Canton. The "real deal" is how Mortensen describes Johnson, the opponent of incumbent Republican Congressman John McHugh.

"His opponent (McHugh) makes much of his connection to the military, I think, primarily because Fort Drum is integral to the economy of northern New York. But he did not serve as Johnson did, not that there's anything wrong with that. But he does, like a lot of Bush Republicans across the country, wrap themselves in the flag each chance he gets without necessarily speaking with any profundity about any issues including foreign policy or proper use of the military."

Johnson receives 95 percent of his campaign funding from inside the district.

"His opponent, unfortunately, who has served several terms, has gotten to the point where 95 percent or more of his funding comes from not only outside the 23rd Congressional District but from outside of New York state - mostly from the beltway of Washington, D.C. He's someone who, in a sense, is beholden to defense contractors, the big pharmaceutical companies and he votes accordingly. And that is not necessarily, often not, in the best interest of the people he purports to represent."

In response, Chris Mathey, McHugh's campaign manger, said:

"In more than 35 years in public service, Congressman McHugh has been an independent voice for the North Country. Whether fighting to bring crucial funds for the border crossing at Champlain and to develop the former Plattsburgh AFB, including the creation of Plattsburgh International Airport... or opposing the Bush administration's wrongheaded policies on such things as a permanent checkpoint on the Northway and the proposed passport-only rule for cross-border travel, John McHugh has always placed the needs of the people first."

Johnson's campaign resources are modest in comparison to McHugh's.

"He doesn't have those big corporate sponsors outside of the district that his opponent has to get TV and radio spots, to get face recognition and name recognition and voice recognition," Mortensen said.

Despite their political differences, he has a soft spot for McHugh.

"He, like I, was raised in Watertown, N.Y. and went to Watertown public schools, although he seems to be unaware of the fact. When he heard that I was coming to help Dr. Johnson, he publicly said that, basically, that was shameful or desperate on Johnson's part because he had to go to Hollywood to get some actor to help him out rather than someone who was from here."

Mortensen regularly visits his family in Watertown.

"So he either said that because he's so out of touch with his own district or he knowingly misrepresented. In either case, it's not a very positive thing."

Johnson's vocal stance is one thing Mortensen admires about him.

"He's well informed. His ideas make sense. They're common sense, workable ideas and he's not afraid to say what he thinks about tricky issues like stem-cell research and the ongoing occupation of Iraq."

Johnson supported sending troops to Afghanistan, but not to Iraq. And Mortensen agrees.

"Going to Iraq for reasons that turned out not to be true and which the president and his supporters, including Mr. McHugh, knew to be falsehoods, and to stay there out of stubbornness is wrong. We are, right now, we are wasting our gold. By that I mean our money and our blood. Those are things we are not going to get back. We're throwing away people's lives left and right out of pride, out of arrogance, and it's got to stop."

Mortensen expressed concerns about a Republican-controlled Congress, which, he said, promotes unchecked spending and the economy-is-great myth that is not a reality for many here in one of the poorest regions of the country.

A national health-care program is as workable as Social Security, in Mortensen's estimation. He said Johnson offers real solutions, hope, and a reclamation of the democratic principles America was founded on.

"People want to hear him speak. They see it is possible to have politicians who are committed, who are passionate, and sensible, and who are connected to the people of the district and not to interests in D.C. or big corporations elsewhere in the country."

Real heroes exist beyond movies, Mortensen said.

"People in this part of the country are really lucky to have him as a candidate," Mortensen said. "I wish there were more candidates like him across the country. We would be a lot closer to changing things."

© 2006 Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. Images © Michael Betts.

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Viggo's Speech at Plattsburgh

Source: Harligirl
Categories: Politics
Plattsburgh Fundraising 9.7.06
Plattsburgh Fundraising 9.7.06.
© Harligirl. Used by permission.
We have a wonderful treat for you thanks to Harligirl and her friends who attended the Plattsburgh Viggo/Dr. Bob event last evening. They have sent us parts 1 and 3 of Viggo's speech. We are working on the middle part, but it is a large file. Meanwhile we feel sure you will thoroughly enjoy these two videos!

Video 1

Video 3

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