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It's nearly 2021 (I think we'll be glad to see the back of 2020) so it's time for the Annual Quotable Quiz. As always, some are easy and some are tricksy but I know what a clever lot you are! This is just for fun so keep your guesses to yourself and I'll post the quotes next week that will give you all the answers.

1) As a kid, what did Viggo want to be when he grew up?

2) For what did Viggo win the Drama-Logue Critics Award in Los Angeles in 1987?

3) What did the Green Book production team buy him to celebrate his Oscar nomination?

4) In which film did the director prepare Viggo for his role by making him spend time with a Hell's Angel? And who was the Director?

5) One of the many jobs Viggo had when he was young was at the Winter Olympics. What was he hired to do and did he do it?

6) Viggo stashes his chocolate like what kind of animal?

7) In which film did Viggo play opposite an actor playing one of Viggo's distant relatives?

8) In March 2003 Viggo took part in a anti-war demonstration outside the White House. Which of his poems did he read to the crowds?

9) Aside from the duck, when he was a kid what animal did Viggo try to take home to show his family?

10) According to Exene Cervenka, what did Viggo keep his early poetry in?

11) For which film did Viggo take on a corporate giant to persuade them to allow their product to be included in the movie?

12) What was Viggo filming when he duetted 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' with his co-star?

13) Which town in Spain did Viggo take to his heart while filming Alatriste?

14) What was the very first role that we know Viggo played?

15) Which actor appearing with Viggo said "we've all been Viggo-tized" and which film did they appear together in?

16) In what sport was Viggo beaten by Hobbits?

17) Which actress called Viggo 'the chocolate crack dealer."

18) Viggo has worked twice with screen-writer John Fusco. Once in Hidalgo and once in…?

19) In what film did Viggo steal a scene from a much-feted actor while 'never getting out of a chair'?

20) Who did Viggo say were 'terrible at writing', but he looked forward to seeing them soon?

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