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New Mobile Style

4 June 2014 11:56:16
Categories: Viggo-Works
We have finally managed to create a mobile style, and about time too! So, it will now be easier to navigate the site with handheld devices. If you are using a device with a small screen such as a smart phone, use the "Mobile Style" link on the top left, below our header image. There is also a button for returning to the normal or "Desktop" style.

Picture and Article of the Day

Due to the changes introduced for our mobile style, we have moved the Picture of the Day and Article of the Day to our Splash page. They would not fit into the navigator for the mobile style, and we need to present a unified structure for all; otherwise, things would get confusing. Use the header image on the left or the "Home" link in the navigator to access the Splash page.

If you should experience any problems with the mobile style, please let us know on the forums or contact Techadmin through our contact form.