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Old/New News from Iran

6 December 2006 08:33:51
Source: Iran Economist.
Found By: Power
Categories: Viggo being Viggo
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Remember when Viggo visited the young female writer Sara Solati in the hospital earlier in the year? Somewhere it was reported she had died of her injuries from an accident. Well, someone has sent us this small tid bit from a forum called ATV (All Things Viggo). I believe the person who submitted the information to ATV was Power (thank you for sharing Power).

Here is a small synopsis of what the article said in the Iran Economist and these three images which are new to us.

Click on images to enlarge.
Found from Iran Economist and as my friend Casper translated the second piece, Sara Solati is alive and busy working on a 18000-page (Eighteen-thousand-page) novel called 'CJM:Viggo Mortensen'-- 9000 pages complete so far!

© Iran Economist.