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Four Tales From Perceval: Review

Source: PCH Press
Categories: Gallery Shows
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, â€¦.
© Deryck True. Used by permission.
PCH Press in Malibu has a great review of the Four Tales From Perceval exhibit opening with some interesting percpectives.
In the first section off the main gallery were the images of Mortensen. Black and white photographs of dark dreams or perceptions of life. In a rather humble statement from someone of such artistic stature and talent, there were only a few of Mortensen's works on display. But, the small room dedicated to his work dictated only a few images could be mounted well. Mortensen's photographs are humbling and a bar artists should hope to achieve themselves after thirty plus-years of photographing.

These pictures are taken from Mortensen's newest release Linger. A blurred image of a child running and playing stood out from the rest. The young boy was nearly a silhouette in the blur of grey and black. One almost wonders if the photo was of a father's empty nest syndrome with Mortensen's son graduating from high school this year. Or, maybe the picture just conveys a feeling of euphoria that is common to all humans at that age.
Read the entire review here.

© PCH Press 2006. All Rights Reserved. Images © Deryck True. All Rights Reserved.