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Four Tales From Perceval Opens in Venice

Source: Sunshine and Deruck True
Categories: Gallery Shows
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, CA 6.17.06
Four Tales From PP - Jaxon House Gallery, Venice, â€¦.
© Deryck True. Used by permission.
Our thanks to both Sunshine, for her review of the opening, and to Deryck True, for his photo of the Four Tales From Perceval opening event last evening in Venive, CA.

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One of small rooms held eight of Stanley Milstein's B&W prints. The Milstein photos displayed were "Seine Fisherman," "Couple at Cathedral Bruges," "Fisherman Loire," "Chefs in Eiffel Tower," "Loire Banks, Praying," "Paris Street Scene", "Water Pump, Paris" and a very large 40x60 print of "Cooperative." "Chefs in Eiffel Tower" is a bit humorous, with a wire elevator full of chefs against the background of the metal architecture of the Eiffel Tower. "Seine Fisherman" seemed to be an early morning scene, with the fisherman spaced along the Seine River, focused on the task at hand.

The other small room displayed the color prints from Lindsay Brice of her dressed-up evocative dolls. I find the images somewhat disturbing, dolls come to life, but not like those of fairy tales.
You can read all of Sunshine's review here.

Images © Deryck True. Used by permission.