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Four Tales From Perceval: Update

12 June 2006 06:45:48
Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Gallery Shows

Viggo has teamed with some of your favorite Perceval Press artists for an exciting special exhibit of their works. Here are some updated details

There is still no definite word if Viggo will attend the opening or not, but it is being geared more for the other artists, as there will only be 3 prints from Viggo to view. The Jaxon House Gallery is really quite small. It is a converted house. Once it has reached maximum capacity we are sure that there will be significant delays until room opens up. There is a real possibility that if the crowd is large enough, some people may not be able to get inside at all.

We will try to update this information as it becomes available for those planning to attend.

The Jaxon House Gallery
June 17 through July 16
1337 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA
(310) 401-0080

Images © Perceval Press.