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Viggo-Works On The Go!

Source: Viggo-Works Market
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Whether you drink coffee or tea in the morning to get yourself going we have a few fun and durable travel mugs to share from our Viggo-Works Market. These travel mugs we'll show you are made of stainless steel. The spill proof plastic top snaps securely on the top to keep your beverage hot.

You also have the option of purchasing two different tea infusers to easily steep and strain your favorite loose tea in your travel mug. All our designs are found on many different styles and sizes of mugs. So have fun choosing your favorite drinking mug style.

To see everything Zazzle has to offer for mugs visit their Mugs Marketplace.

Of course a portion of your purchase (any item through our links) goes towards Viggo-Works fundraiser too. The month of May is our anniversary and big fundraiser. Why not get started now and purchase something you will use daily.