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News – 1 Apr 2015

Source: Viggo-Works Market
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Back by popular demand our famous Gandalf painted design by our member Iolanthe. This watercolor painting includes Gandalf the White wearing a blue wizards hat. He has a long white beard and carries a white staff. Clinched in his teeth is a pipe that shows curling white smoke from the bowl. There are the green hills of the Shire and a blue sky in the background. This painting is wonderful for those who love fantasy art and original artwork.

Below you'll find a few items using this design. To see them all visit The Wizard here.

Wizard Poster
Wizard Poster by viggoworksmarket
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Wizard Square Wallclock
Wizard Square Wallclock by viggoworksmarket
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Wizard Hip Flask
Wizard Hip Flask by viggoworksmarket
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© Images © Iolanthe. Used by permission.