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July 2, 2009

Categories: Marketplace News
© VW. Used by permission.

Today we are featuring our own V-W Marketplace

There are have changes and new designs added to our own store in the past several weeks. On any given day we try to add a new product or designs to keep the shop fresh with new merchandise. The most recent product now available are shoes.

The Ked's company teamed up last year with Zazzle to create individual personalized tie and slip on shoes for woman and children. We are proud to say we have created a few from some of the contributed paintings we've had in our marketplace for some time now. We also have our first ever product for children. Always Smiling's successful Red Chicken painting now adorns a child's slip on Ked's sneaker with read and white polka dots on the side and back. You'll see them featured below. They are cute! We hope to have in the future a children's shop to offer merchandise.

Right now the shoes are all available under our New Products line but soon they will have their own line for themselves. They'll be an announcement once this is available but for now you can still see them either on the Marketplace home page or in the New Products line page.

Another new change is our four Volume Discount pages now listed in our shop. To view them while in our V-W Marketplace go to their links on the right hand side of the homepage under the heading Featured Products.

You will see one link for each of our Zazzle shops; USA, UK, Canada & Australia. You can save $$ when buying in bulk (when necessary of course) on items such as cards, posters, US postage stamps and almost all other products. The great point of this is you do not have to buy only one style of the product to get the discounts.

Example: If you are thinking of buying cards but don't want 25 of any one design, you can mix and match designs to reach your 25 minimum requirement for the discount. This would come in handy buying holiday cards for example.

Enough talk...below are our new designs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything in the Marketplace.

Designs contributed by Airwin This image was taken by our contributor Airwin. The quote is from no other than that poetic adventurer hobbit Bilbo Baggins. "Still round the corner there may wait, a new road, or a secret gate."

May your 'gate' be less treacherous than the one Bilbo had to find.

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of stars." Walt Whitman's words adorn the wet dew covered grass. Another by our contributor Airwin while visiting Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, California.

Do you ever wonder what it's like to walk through the morning dew without getting your feet wet. Well this shoe does just that. You can feel fresh with every step with out the mess. BTW, shoes are customizable too. You can change the color or even remove the image if you'll like to customize this product further.

Designs contributed by Francis

Old Tom Bombadil sang these merry words, "O sping-time and summer-time and spring again after! O wind on the waterfall and the leaves' laughter!" Forever sping in Tom and Goldberry's land we bring you this quote with a image of Japanese maple hung over water and contributed image by francis.

Designs contributed by Chrissie

Chrissie took this image while on holiday in Scotland. These four-posters are located on the Lundin Farm near Aberfeldy, Perthshire. The Pablo Neruda quote "How clear it is that the stones have touched time, in their fine substance there is a smell of age." graces the front of these products.

Designs contributed by JoannaP

The image taken by our friend JP in Europe also includes a quote by Booker T. Washington. "There is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem."

Our contributing friend JP has captured this field of wild lavender on a summer's day.

Lavender stamp
Lavender by viggoworksmarket
Create custom stamps at

New look for some old designs

If you like what you see...

visit the V-W Marketplace. You'll always find all four international sites in the menu bar here on the left under the heading V-W Marketplace News.

Be sure to check out the top of each Marketplace for Zazzle's special deals each time you visit.

© Images ©, francis, Chrissie, JP and Airwin. Used by permission.