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July 1, 2009

Source: Bulgan Lumini
Categories: Marketplace News
Bulgan Lumini
Bulgan Lumini.
© Bulgan Lumini.

Today we are featuring Bulgan Lumini

The Art of Bulgan Lumini's shop is filled with a party. You could be in Rio or New Orleans, anywhere where there is carnival without leaving her store.

Residing in Firenze, Italy, Bulgan works as an artist by day. She specializes as a painter, sculptor, 3D Designer and 3D animator. But her talents are more expansive as she also has done work in video, movies, virtual scenography and virtual simulations of archeological sites She describes herself as an artist born in Istanbul (Turkey), actually lives in Florence (Italy).

We'll take a small tour of her very large shop on Zazzle. She has an amazing section of business cards as well as other products we'll feature here. Please don't hesitate to browse the Art of Bulgan Lumini.

At the end of this post we'll give you another web site belonging to Bulgan.

" Whatever exists in the universe ,in essence ,in appearance in the imagination, the painter has first in his mind and than in his hand; and these are of such excellence that they present a proportioned and harmonious view of the whole that can be seen simultaneously at one glance..."

Leonardo da Vinci

Bulgan Lumini - Business cards

The images shown are only the back of the cards. The fronts can be seen by clicking on the images and taking you to her shop display. It is well worth the trip.

Dialectics profilecard
Dialectics by bulgan_lumini
Choose your own business card template at

MASK IN RED profilecard
MASK IN RED by bulgan_lumini
The best online business cards website is

If you like what you see...

visit the store The Art of Bulgan Lumini. You can also find more work from Bulgan on her website Baldesign 3D.

© Images © Bulgan Lumini.