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June 29, 2009

Categories: Marketplace News
Jaeda DeWalt
Jaeda DeWalt.
© Jaeda DeWalt.

Today we are featuring Jaeda DeWalt

Jaeda DeWalt is an artist by trade. Her photographs are expressive and have emotions of their own. A poet she decided to take the image for her own books' cover, she fell in love with photography. You'll see with her images something that strikes a chord with all of us.

She has an array of work in her store Jaeda DeWalt Artography in which you can browse. For this feature however because her work is best displayed on cards and prints I've decided to show you these products only. Jaeda has placed her work on different products for you to purchase.

There is more information in her shop under the 'About' link and below I will give her personal web page link.
"Images . . . poetry . . .words . . . they can offer us a feeling, an experience and the magical gift of transport. I want my imagery to give people a way to express themselves, to offer them a moment of magic and wonder, I want to ignite their imagination, emotions and give them a sense of connection."

If you like what you see...

please visit Jaeda's shop Jaeda DeWalt Artography. You can also visit her own website at Jaeda's Fine

© Images © Jaeda DeWalt.