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June 25, 2009

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Alignment of our lives
Alignment of our lives.
© Maura Reed.

Today we are featuring The Shy Muse & Shy Muse Cards and Gifts

Maura Reed is the proprietor of both The Shy Muse and Shy Muse Cards and Gifts shops on Zazzle.

Maura has a degree in interior design but also loves photography as a medium as well as abstract painting. We are featuring both her stores today. You'll notice The Shy Muse has strictly her photographic designs and the Shy Muse Cards and Gifts has a range of mediums.

We hope you enjoy Maura's products and if you have any question you will find more information on the bottom of this post.
With a degree in Interior Design, a passion for photography and years of experience as an abstract painter, I have been able to bring all my talents into one gallery. The possibilities are endless. Simply, I love being creative.

The Shy Muse - Cards

The Shy Muse - Prints

If you like what you see...

please visit Maura Reed's shops The Shy Muse and Shy Muse Cards and Gifts on Zazzle. There you will find contact information on her homepages under 'Send Message'.

© Images © Maura Reed.