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June 22, 2009

Categories: Marketplace News
© Randall Klopping.

Today we are featuring Randall Klopping

Today we feature the digital artwork of Randall Klopping. His store on Zazzle entitled Teknowizard is an amazing collection of his travels in the Universe. The colors and shapes provides the moods for the many journeys he takes you on from nebula to nova and through black holes. As you will learn the snippets of his bio below his influences have shaped his view of his world and allows us along for the ride.

At the end of this news post there are several sites he also has for viewing. There you can also see his work on a larger scale. So enjoy the ride and if you like what you see browse threw his store of many products and journeys.

More of his bio can be found in his shop under "About"

I have no education in art save a couple of summer courses in photography. Growing up with mental illness caused me many problems and I've never really been comfortable in a classroom or most social settings. But I love to create! In my younger years it was primarily sketching, painting (acrylic, oil & airbrush). In an accident in 1992 I was crushed by a pickup and car, which left me able to spend less and less time standing or sitting. I thought art was lost to me until computers broke the pentium2 barrier and started exploring digital art.

As far as I can remember, I have always sought to represent things in a visual manner. A trait I suspect comes from the Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism without the speech impediment. I began expressing myself through art because my brain struggles constantly with words, especially when writing, the patterns escape me. But visual patterns! Now there is something my brain understands and drives me to explore. They say every storm cloud has a silver lining, this is the gift that comes with the curse of my insanity. Art is the one thing that truly puts the turmoil my thoughts are and allows me to be at peace.

If you like what you see...

please visit his other sites at Pikeo where if you click on the slide show feature you'll see much larger images. Also, visit Light and Illusion - Art by Randall Klopping.

REMEMBER: Now until the end of the month there is free shipping anywhere on the globe from Zazzle. You can read about this either on the previous post or on thru the links provided.

© Images © Randell Klopping.