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June 12, 2009

A Stroll in the Park
A Stroll in the Park.
© Itaya. Used by permission.

Today we are featuring Itaya's Designs

We are proud to feature Itaya Lightbourne and her shop Itaya's Designs. Her work is lovely, using paint as her medium she creates both impressionistic and abstract artwork. A member of The Indie Collective and the Daily Painters Guild. You may have seen her work on, Art Desy - An Art Directory, The Artist', Another Daily Artist Blog and Art Bloggin.

Not only does she have products using her paintings, she also uses graphic designs to create pleasing effects. You will see just a sampling of her designs on products. With limited space we've tried to give you an idea of the scope of the work in her shop.

If you like what you see please visit Itaya's Designs.
I believe that my paintings come from a place that all artists must tap into in order to express themselves. Once one is in that creative flow then all things are possible. Creating something every day is a wonderful way to keep one in that creative flow or in that 'place' that only those that create know of. This place is where time stops and all else ceases to exist. When I am painting this place becomes my entire universe. It is a sacred and treasured place that I find myself needing to connect with time and time again. Hopefully you will enjoy the products of my time spent in that wonderful creative space. I am a self taught artist and have been painting off and on for the past 15 years. My experience is primarily in oils and landscapes and I thought it time to seek a new challenge and branch out with abstract art and in using acrylics. Using acrylic paints and painting abstract art is turning out to be quite a lovely challenge and one I'm enjoying very much.

If you like what you see...

please don't hesitate to visit Itaya's store. If you have any questions regarding the merchandise or designs contact the artist through Zazzle. You can also see more work on her blog entitled Day By Day Paintings by Itaya.