Viggo: I Got Lucky

Source: Metro (UK)

His last role in Russian mafia movie Eastern Promises may have won him an Oscar nomination, but Viggo Mortensen reckons his success is partly down to good fortune.

"You just get lucky," said the actor. "Accidents happen. They will happen."

He added: "The kind of directors I like to work with most are people like David Cronenberg who are always meticulously prepared, but he also sees what happens. If something odd happens [in a scene] another director would say 'cut', but he lets it roll and lets it happen.

"There's a magic involved in making movies in a way. The lights are lit. The table is set. There's a ceremonial aspect to it."

"You also have to approach the job in the right way," the actor adds.

Viggo, who plays the mysterious Nikolai in the London-based film, will be walking down the red carpet outside the Kodak Theatre for the first time as an Oscar nominee this Sunday.
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