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Film Star Viggo Mortensen Campaigns with Dennis Kucinich in NH Today

6 January 2008

Source: American Chronicle

MANCHESTER, NH - Acclaimed film actor Viggo Mortensen, an outspoken critic of the Bush Administration's militaristic foreign policy and of the influence of corporate interests in financing political campaigns, will be campaigning today in New Hampshire with U. S. Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

Known around the world for his portrayal of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Mortensen will join Kucinich at an 11 a.m. news conference at JW Hill Sports Bar & Grill, 795 Elm St. His decision to come to New Hampshire was prompted in large part by ABC's decision to exclude Kucinich from last night's Democratic Presidential debate.

"When a television network has the power to decide which candidates are 'worthy' of addressing the American people, it robs the American people of their most precious right to the free flow of information and dissenting points of view," Mortensen said. "I am an actor, but I am also a citizen and a voter who resents the control that big money, big media, and entrenched political interests have in deciding what I should see, what I should hear, and what I should be allowed to think."

Mortensen, who starred as a Russian gangster in Eastern Promises, one of the top movies of 2007, said Kucinich "is not beholden to any of those interests and represents the voices and the hopes of millions of Americans who believe we need to change the direction of this nation." He added, "If my being here provides additional attention to the Congressman's strong beliefs and progressive platform, I'm glad to do it."

Kucinich welcomed Mortensen's support and in-person involvement. "Viggo has played a lot of tough-guy roles, and that's very appropriate for this campaign because it's tough to fight against the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies, to fight against the pro-war interests, to fight against Wall Street and the hedge funds that peddle sub-prime mortgages and bank their profits off-shore. It's also tough to fight corporate and media control of campaigns. But, I've never backed off before, and I don't intend to back off in New Hampshire or any other state in this great nation."

Mortensen will accompany Kucinich throughout the day. He will attend a rally of Kucinich supporters this afternoon in Manchester and will be the special guest at a Kucinich fundraiser at Piccola Italian Restaurant today.
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